Susan Grossman

Assistant Professor

Contact Information:


Howley Hall 101


D.S.W. - Adelphi University

M.S.W. - Adelphi University

Brief Biography

Dr. Grossman earned her doctoral and master's degrees in social work from Adelphi University, NY. She teaches Social Policy, Community and Political Practice, Human Behavior in Social Systems, the senior capstone in which she works at helping students integrate theory and practice. Her major practice experiences include years of designing and directing inpatient, outpatient, and community-based residential programs for the severe and persistently mentally ill. She is a licensed and practicing gestalt clinical social worker in New York City and a Board Certified Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association.

Awards and Honors:

Social Worker of the Year in Social Policy National Association of Social Work, Rhode Island Chapter

Selected Presentations:

Grossman, S. Gestalt International Study Center: International Research Center. , Wellfleet, MA - "Paper/Presentation: Use of the Gestalt Inventory of Resistance Loadings (GIRL) and the Gestalt Mental Status Exam in Clinical Settings for Outcome" May, 2015

Grossman, S. US-EU International Educational Project Faculty Exchange. , Antwerp, Belgium - "Global Work with Immigrant Children" May, 2012

Grossman, S. Project Director's Conference. Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education, Berlin, Germany - "Mobility Program in Global Work with Immigrant Children" October, 2010

Grossman, S. Council on Social Work Education. , Alexandria, VA - "" April, 2010

Grossman, S. Project Directors Conference. , Boston, MA - "Global Work with Immigrant Kids" October, 2009

Grossman, S. . Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Program Directors, Phoenix, AZ - "International Practice: A TRANSPRAC Investigation into the Differences Between European Union and United States Models for Practice with Individuals, Families, and Groups" March, 2009

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